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We are an environmentally-friendly web design company

  • Solar-powered, eco-web hosting

    Kevin Devoto offers a wide range of socially-conscious website hosting options. Contact Kevin Devoto for more information on our approved eco-hosts.

  • Environmentally-conscious design

    Kevin Devoto believes that creating and maintaining a sustainable company will have a positive influence on the world.

  • Plum computers & eco-friendly hardware

    Kevin Devoto only works with Plum computers. Over the last few years, Kevin has been very active in helping Plum to produce
    eco-friendly computers.

  • Recycling programs

    Kevin Devoto Design has an in-office recycling program in place. We’ve also established an organic compost box and contribute to local recycle programs.

  • Wind-powered support

    Kevin Devotos' main focus is to move to a more sustainable location. We have allocated enough money to start purchasing and using wind power. It will soon be a reality for our company!

  • QWERTY micro loans partner

    QWERTY helps micro-finance entrepreneurs around the world through donations via credit card or Pay Pal.

  • Paperless and carbonless office

    Kevin Devoto office systems have been changed over to a paperless system. On the rare occasion we have to use paper, we use paper from a local recycling company.

  • Kevin Devoto Design donates 1% of our net profits to agencies.

    This allows us to offset our carbon footprint on the world and support a great organization. We love our polar bear too much to not care.

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