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Kevin Devoto Design Inc is located in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. We’re a forward thinking design company specializing in creating strong branding for social and environmentally-conscious companies. We love working with companies that want high quality web and logo identity, from the look and feel of your site, to the colour palette that will be used across all mediums including, web, print, identity, and advertising.

We will create an identity for your company that your demographic can identify with so they feel connected to your purpose in creating a better world. View our unique portfolio.

The team at Kevin Devoto Design has over 15 years of experience, combined, in web design and identity development. Our unique life stories bring an open-minded approach to your business, whatever your location.

We’ve helped countless businesses from around the globe start their businesses online. We would love to help yours. Contact us any time to see how we can be of service.

Client Testimonials

Dear Kevin Devoto Design, As the President of a company, I’m used to being very rushed with most of my projects. I’ve never found anyone who could keep up with me until I found you... View more testimonials
  • Kevin Devoto Design Carse About The Environment

    Kevin Down (Director) is dedicated to building Triple Bottom Line business models. People, Planet, Profit. View our Environmental Practices

  • Highest Quality Design

    Kevin Devoto Design is passionate about web design and branding. We aim to produce websites that are easy to use and detail oriented.
    View our Web Design Showcase

  • The Entire Brand Experience

    Kevin Devoto Design enjoys creating complete brand identities for companies. Our design process allows ample room for flexibility.
    View our Brand Identity Showcase

  • Brainstorming Concepts

    Brainstorming is where we come up with the unique ideas to begin creating and shaping your company’s identity and message. Kevin Devoto Design thinks it’s fun and highly enjoys the process. View our Unique Designs

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